It was a bright cold day in April… (G. Orwell)
You are the sky. Everything else -it’s just the weather. (P. Chödrön)
… for those who want to see them. (H. Matisse)
Avril prend ses habits fourrés
Taxes grow without rain.
…fickleness of an april day! (W.H. Gibson)
Clouds that thunder do not always rain.
and violets blew… (Edmund Spenser)
time to blossom out
Little Flower
april is the cruelest month… (T.S. Eliot)
las flores del pastel
'Time Lapse, Zócalo' (in collaboration with Rafael Ortega, Mexico City)
Meghan Collison by Peppe Tortora for Grey Fall 2011
Iris Egbers for The Room Spring/Summer 2011 by Johan Sandberg