Option Lots, 2011
Vault, 2012
Serie: Structural Curtains
Archivo General De Indias Sevilla IV, 2010
Booth, 2006. Edition of five.
Mama du Sau 1, 180x220 cm.
Possible moment of impossibility, 2011
Installation with five photographs, lambda prints, 54x36cm
Corridor, 2010
(Photo of the photo by John Dean)
Tribute to Marinela, EMI
June 2008
Serie: Let’s not talk about me, Troll, 1994
Versailles, Salles d’Afrique, Painting of Louis XVI
souvenir 29
souvenir 28
souvenir 27

Wonder Woman, WW, 2006
(toda fuerza tiene una fragilidad)
souvenir 26

The difference between an itch and an allergy…